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Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc. manufactures large volume parenteral, specialty solutions and irrigation solutions in plastic containers in 500ml and 1000ml pack sizes. The Company also manufactures small volume parental in plastic vials in 50ml and 20ml pack sizes and plastic ampoules in 1ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml and 10ml pack sizes.

Euro-Med was the first in the Philippines to utilize the modern European blow-fill seal technology of aseptically producing sterile and pyrogen-free parenteral solutions in plastic containers. In a single process, this special machine forms the plastic container, fills it with the desired solution and seals it thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

The Company also manufactures intravenous fluids in glass bottles, hemodialysis concentrates, ophthalmic products and disinfectants. Euro-Med’s plant was designed and built to conform with the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Euro-Med has an extensive nationwide marketing and distribution network with several provincial depots strategically located in key cities all over the Philippines. Euro-Med is presently exporting its intravenous fluids, small volume parenteral and hemodialysis concentrates to several countries abroad.

Euro-Med has become the leading manufacturer of high quality intravenous fluids in the Philippines and one of the largest fluids manufacturers in Asia. Providing high quality products at affordable prices is Euro-Med’s corporate philosophy. Euro-Med is committed to serve the Filipino people and the medical community in its pursuit of high quality healthcare products and services.



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